The Natural Gas Headquarters of America


A. Stimulates economy, boosts productivity, and decreases the dependence of foreign oil by utilizing the low cost abundant American natural gas in the transportation and agriculture sector。

B. With the equal energy output between natural gas and other traditional fossil fuels, natural gas is about two to three times cheaper in price。 With the switch to natural gas, the current productivity level can be maintained yet only costing fractions of the price. American jobs can become more competitive and make a brighter future for the generations to come。

C. Projecting using low cost natural gas trends in the market, we are able to enter mid-tream energy business operation from the natural gas from Fayetteville Shale。 By using equipment to collect well gas then performing dehydrate and de-sulfur liquefaction process at the low temperature range

(~-259°F), the liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be stored along Interstates 40, 30, 55,…etc to be used

at local CNG and LNG stations. The unconventional shale technology we hold can bring natural gas prices to 1/3 of the traditional fossil fuel。 With limited amount of fossil fuel in existence on top of other possible military activities, the natural gas refueling and conversion stations will have growth

香港开马资料四不像in supply and profit margins.

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